• A 50 year supply of custom sticks!!
  • A featured spot in a Vic Firth print ad
  • One of two special anniversary glass snare drums from K&S drums
  • Autographed commemorative Remo drumhead
  • Autographed commemorative Zildjian cymbal
  • Autographed limited edition Vic Firth 50th Anniversary drumsticks
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Joe Russomano

Seize the Opportunity

In the summer of 2007, I went to the open audition for STOMP in New York City. I was two weeks away from enlisting in the marine corps, and promised myself I would audition before signing up. The night before my audition, my stepdad suffered a heart attack. I was ready to come home to be with family until my mom forced me to stay, saying I can bring home the good news everyone needed.

Out of the hundreds of people who auditioned, they chose 7. Magically, I was one of the 7. I went on to perform with the NYC and U.S. tour productions of STOMP for 4 years. In that time, I met my wife who worked at the theater and we now have a beautiful son who bangs on anything he can find. Thanks to my experience with STOMP, I now perform across the U.S. and internationally in my own percussion show. All of these amazing things have happened because of one thing... even at the cost of not being there for my stepdad. Don't let ANYTHING stand in the way of your dreams.

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize winner will receive a fifty-year supply of Vic Firth drumsticks with their own custom artwork and signature printed on them! Custom sticks will be made in a model of the winners choice. Eligible models include any non-signature maple or hickory stick in the catalog. Optionally, the Grand Prize winner may forego the custom sticks and opt to receive a $1,200 USD credit in Vic Firth Product.

The Grand Prize winner will also be visited by the Vic Firth filming crew so they can tell their Game-Changing Moment to the world. The winning Game-Changing Moment will be featured prominently on the Vic Firth website as well as in a popular drumming magazine in the winner's home country!

Finally, the Grand Prize winner will receive some great gear from our partner companies, including:

Runner-Up Prizes

A total of twelve (12) winners will be chosen throughout the year in monthly drawings. These MONTHLY winners will receive one brick (12 pairs) of their favorite Vic Firth sticks. Any hickory or maple Vic Firth stick in the catalog is eligible. Monthly winners will also receive a Zildjian Dog Tag Key Ring, Vic Firth Lanyard, Vic Firth Drumkey, A special commemorative Remo drum head (autographed by Vic), and a pair of limited edition anniversary drumsticks, autographed by Vic!

Weekly winners will also be chosen over the course of the contest period. Each weekly winner will receive one pair of limited edition anniversary drumsticks

Website and Print Media Features

Over the course of the nine month promotion period, hundreds of Game-Changing Moments will be featured online and in print. Selected stories will be forever cemented into the Vic Firth history books!