Paul Marshall

Shannon Larkin Saved My Studio

Being a young drummer once, and having so many influences the music world I grew up in- I always dreamed of playing shows, touring, and someday opening my own recording studio. When I finally opened my own studio several years back, I remember struggling- in a bad economy, in an area with great talent, but the talent had limited money to record, so not many of the artists could come in to track. I was at the point of watching my dream quickly slip away.

I went down the street to Dairy Queen with my last $4.00 and some loose change, and figured "well, I still have to eat- so I might as well have a final meal in the studio I had worked so hard to build. I knew Vic Firth artist, Godsmack Skinsman Shannon Larkin, lived in the area, I had met him years ago working at a music store. He happened to be having lunch at the time I walked in- sitting quietly in the corner booth. He recognized me, and invited me to have lunch with him. I did, and as we talked, I never thought he would agree, but I took a chance and invited him back to the studio- if nothing else, in my mind, to see it before it closed.

While talking for well over an hour, about many different things in life- I realized that this awesome human being standing in front of me- whom I had listened to play for years on dozens of recordings was a guest in my studio. We later talked more, and before I knew it- I had the honor of recording some new Godsmack demos, and working with Another Animal!

Some of that exposure and respect from that work has helped me to build a solid reputation to stand on, and Shannon and I remain best of friends to this day, and he continues to track in my studio on a regular basis. I had been with dozens of National Artists as a Live Sound Engineer for over 13 years- however, the day I met and had Lunch with Shannon changed my career, my outlook- and my life. This story goes out to Shannon Larkin- dedicated to a life of music, and the brotherhood we share. I am honored.

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