Wayne Hanley

Getting My First Drum Kit

My Game-Changing Moment actually happened right at the beginning of my drumming career. I grew up in a home where we did not have a so-called 'disposable income'. Finances were always very tight and both of my parents worked hard to make ends meet. I always wanted to play drums but my parents could never afford it. I use to steal my mom's knitting needles and drum on my pillow while listening to music. One day I ran into a guy that was in the process of running away from home and he needed money. He had a little jazz kit he was trying to sell for $65.00 dollars and needed the money NOW. Man I wanted those drums so bad but I did not have $65.00 and the only one I could ask for help from was my dad and he and I were not on the greatest speaking terms.

I decided that I would take the risk of being rejected and I went and asked my dad for the money. "Dad, I found a drum set that a guy wants to sell for $65.00 dollars, can you buy it for me?" I asked ready to be told where to go. But that did not happen. His response was "Sure go ahead and get the drums". I ran over right away and told the guy that I would take them.

I believe in miracles and getting my first kit was one. I will always remember my little multi-hued green Crown kit with cracked and warped cymbals. It is what started me on the road to becoming a professional drummer. It will always have a special place in my memory as the first kit I ever owned.

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