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Fresh-Approach-Drumset-Front-CoverIf you’re a beginning drummer, the FREE LESSONS in this series will get you started the right way!

Throughout this extensive lesson series, world renowned artist and educator Stanton Moore will take you on an exciting tour of the drumset, show you how to properly set up your drums, demonstrate how to tune your set to get a great sound and instruct you on how to grip the sticks properly and play a perfect stroke. In no time, you’ll be playing your first drum beat and jammin’ to a play-along track!

These lessons are excerpted from “A Fresh Approach to the Drumset” Video Lessons – a comprehensive step-by-step system of 34 lessons that provides drummers of every level a solid foundation of technique, independence, music reading and essential styles! If you like these lessons, we highly recommend that you check out this fantastic resource.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced drummer, you can learn a lot from Stanton as he shows you how the fundamentals of technique, independence and essential styles apply to his everyday playing!

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