Dave Elitch grew up in the Bay Area of California in small town called Sebastopol. He got his first drum kit on his 10th birthday and started taking lessons. "I was really fortunate to have a good music program all throughout middle school and high school" states Elitch. "I just played along to records endlessly every day until I was about 16 or 17." Dave soon got hooked up with Vic Firth artist Jason Gianni who teaches at The Collective now in NYC. The two really clicked and Jason became Dave's mentor until age 21.

Dave moved to Los Angeles at age 19. Soon after that, he joined Daughters of Mara as their full time drummer. Dave continued taking lessons whenever possible. "I tried to study with a lot of different people, just pick people’s brains. You really have to put your ego aside, and just do it. It’s about learning and you can learn something from anyone." In 2009, Dave left Daughters to go out on tour with The Mars Volta.

"[The Mars Volta Gig] came through mutual friends. Juan (Mars Volta bassist) called a friend of mine to do the gig and he couldn’t do it so he gave him my name." Dave was able to rehearse with some members of the band leading up to his debut gig, but it wasn't until before their first show together in Oslo that Dave actually met the entire band! "I had to do my homework and just know the songs backwards and forwards and just show up and play."

In addition to the gigs with Daughters of Mara and The Mars Volta, Dave has also played with Juliette Lewis, does a ton of recording session work, and keeps a busy teaching schedule in Los Angeles.

Dave's drumming absolutely reflects his desire to carve out a unique sound and style. Check out our video feature below for a taste of Dave's style behind the drums!

Dave's Stick of Choice:
American Classic® 5B
Tear drop tip. Ideal for rock‚ band and practice.
L = 16" | Dia. = .595"
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