1974-1982 - Musical studies at the National School of Music. He graduated in the specialty of percussion. He joined the Modern Music Orchestra in Santa Clara which was directed by Master Armando Romeu. He was conferred the First Level Grade in music

1992 - He toured Japan together with All STARS including Tata Guines, Frank Emilio, Omara Portuondo, Pancho Amat, among others.

1995-2000 - He joined Maracas y Otra Vision until 2006. He participated in Montreux Jazz Festival´Switzerland, JVC –Paris, Jazz Fetisval Aspen Colorado-EUA, Midem Latino Cannes–France, Andorra Jazz Festival, New Morning-Paris and Playboy Jazz Festival. He was commended by journals Jazz Hot, The Batteur and Latin Beat Magazine.

2003-2005 - Tour around the United States, Europe and Canada. He recorded Tremenda Rumba which was nominated for a Latin Jazz Grammy.

2006-2009 - He joined Chucho Valdes Quartet. He participated in the Blue Note Festival Milan, Italy, Cervantino in Mexico, Jazz aVienne–France, Jazz Festival Buenos Aires Argentina, Jazz Festival Hong Kong Arts, Jazz in Marciac, Blue Note Tokio together Michael Camilo and Chucho Valdes in France with Michel Legrand. He played with Chucho in many different countries including: Hungary, Lituania, Slovenia, Brazil,Costa Rica in EUA together with Winston Marsallis, and Lincon Center New York.

2010-2011 - He recorded Chucho Step American Grammy Latin Jazz 2011. He appeared in different issues of the American Latin Beat Magazine and toured in EUA, France, and Canada. He has created a percussion method book for the drums and Timbales. It can be used for many different teachers music.

2012 Tour around the United States, Europe, Brazil and Costa Rica with Chucho Valdes - Afro Cuban Jazz Messenger.

2013-2014 Contributed to the CD recording with pianist Nachito Herrera and Classic National Orchestra. Worked with All Star in the Cuba disco Areitos Festival in tribute to Benny More. Has been in the editions of the International Festival of the Drum in Havana conducting master class and performing at night drummer sponsored by Kosa Music Canada and Sabian.