Wolfgang Roggenkamp was born in Steinfeld, Germany and started playing the drums at the age of 7. His professional career began at the age of 16. Since then he has worked with such artists as Peter O´Mara, Stan Webb, Luther Allison, Nippy Noya, Prince Robinson, Kenny Wheeler, Ben Becker, Nina Hoss, Jeanne Carroll, Torsten deWinkel, Helmut Hattler, Pete York, John Schröder, Sebastian Studnitzky, Jens Winther, Önder Foczan, Suat Borazan, Allen Blairman, and Jan Akkerman to name a few.

Wolfgang studied classical music, percussion and piano at Folkwanghochschule Essen. His many instructors and mentors include Elvin Jones, Peter Erskine, Dave Liebman, Ron Savage, Peter Klemke, Thomas Alkier, Walter Norris and Jasper van't Hof.

Roggenkamp received a scholarship from Berklee College of music in Boston and studied with Jon Hadzilla in 1996-97. Wolfgang is a widely published composer as well. His first composition for marimba, “African Blues”, is widely popular among concert keyboard performers.

Wolfgang is also a killer Hammond B3 player and has recorded and toured in South America, Cuba, the Caribbean, Europe, Indonesia, Africa and the USA. He's known for his instrumental versatility and love for a wide variety of musical genres.

In 2000, Wolfgang moved to Berlin and has worked in hundreds of musical settings and shows. Wolfgang has been touring, recording, composing and teaching for over 25 years. For more information on Wolfgang's recordings, clinics and compositions, visit him online:



  Part I: Open Solo
  Part II: "New Samba"
  Part III: "Straight Ahead"
  Part IV: "Taurus Shuffle"
  Part V: "N'Orleans"
  Part VI: Duet, featuring Suat Borazan/Darbuka (Istanbul)
All playalong tracks written and performed by Wolfgang Roggenkamp

Wolfgang's Vic Firth Stick of Choice:
Peter Erskine (SPE)
Light and fast with a piccolo tip for pinpoint articulation on cymbals.
L = 16" | Dia. = .525"
  [enlarge photo]