Russ Miller is internationally known as one of the top drummers of today. As a Multi-Platinum recording artist, he has played on multiple Grammy® award winning recordings with combined sales of over 26 million copies. His musical versatility has led him to work with an incredible list of over 50 international artists from legends like Ray Charles, The Fifth Dimension, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner & Bobby Caldwell through modern stars, Nelly Furtado, The Psychedelic Furs, Hilary Duff, Steve Perry, Andrea Bocelli, Daniel Bedingfield and Meredith Brooks.

As a star of the Los Angeles studio scene, the Modern Drummer Magazine Readers Poll has repeatedly voted Russ in the top 5 Studio Drummers in the world, including 2010, when he was voted the #2 Session drummer. He has performed on more than 250 albums (including many #1 Billboard hits like Nelly Furtado's "Whoa Nelly" and Hilary Duff's "Metamorphisis"). Russ has also recorded for many T.V. shows and over 50 international movies (such as #1 box office titles like "Chicken Little", "Fracture", "Lakeview Terrace", "Resident Evil Apocalypse" and the "Boondock Saints" series of movies, just to name a few).

Along with his many sideman album credits, he has two critically acclaimed solo albums, Cymbalism and Arrival. In addition, Russ performs educational clinics throughout the world for Yamaha, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth, Shure and Meinl music instruments, for which he maintains product endorsement relationships and multiple signature instruments. Russ also has authored two books: The Drum Set Crash Course and Transitions, along with his three videos, "Arrival-Behind The Glass" from Hudson Music, The Drum Set Crash Course and The Drum Set Crash Course Tuning Edition from Alfred Publications. A 7-time Modern Drummer readers poll winner, Russ' solo projects were voted the #1 educational books and videos in the world (2001-2004).
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Russ Miller "Hi-Def" Signature Stick
Special "half acorn" wood tip for incredible cymbal clarity. Logo at the nodal point for perfect cross-stick tone‚ every time!
L = 16 " | Dia. = .535"
  [enlarge photo]
Russ Miller Wire Brush
A brush for each hand! "Sweep" brush: medium gauge wire for a smooth sound. "Ride" brush: tight spread and heavier gauge for projection with incredible rebound.
Dia. = .580" | "SWEEP" Spread = 3 1/8" | "RIDE" Spread = 2 3/4"
  [enlarge photo]


Performance Spotlight (Part 1 of 2) Performance Spotlight (Part 2 of 2)
"The Way You Look Tonight" PASIC 2010 - Russ Miller


August 2010 News:
Just released! Russ is on the new album from Canadian Rap artist Knaan. The last record Russ did with him won a Canadian Juno for "Rap record of the Year". The single is "If Rap Gets Jealous", Also, in theaters, the new Drew Barrymore movie "Going The Distance" is out, with Mychael Danna as the composer and Russ on drums. Russ elaborates, "The Going The Distance sessions were very hip, we recorded at Capitol Records and I used my vintage Gretsch kit. It is some great old 70's funk!" The new T.V. series "Undercovers" from JJ Abrams features Russ on the soundtrack. He can also be seen performing on camera, in the first episode airing in September.

Russ has just started a new movie soundtrack with composer Jeff Danna for "Repeaters", debuting at the Toronto film festival. Pee Wee and Michiko Hill (bass and keyboards for Rufus) have started recording their second album, with Russ on drums. He will also continue recording at R.M.I. and in Europe in October, for the 'Percussion Noveau Trio". This project features Russ with superatar percussionists, Pete Lockett and Hakim Ludin. There are two new singles coming soon from the band "Arrival", "Mosquito Bite featuring Haydain Neale" and "Rhythm World featuring Mabvuto Carpenter and Gleam Joel". These are both re-mixes and re-records, that will be released as singles, on I-Tunes and at

Russ and the band are currently rehearsing in L.A. for their live DVD shoot in October. Arcadia management and Russ are working hard on the new "Arrival" band tour that is starting in May of 2011. The new phase 1 has launched, with the next two phases in October and November, also watch for the to launch soon. And finally in clinic news, Russ will do two very special "Recording with Electronic Drums" seminars at Guitar Center stores in California in October, as well as, performing at the PASIC show Nov 11-13, 2010 in Indianapolis.