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Hybrid Rudiments: Blue Cheese Paradiddle by Roger Carter

Hybrid Rudiments:

“Blue Cheese Paradiddle” by Roger Carter


Roger’s Vic Firth Products of Choice:

  • Free

    Mike Jackson

    A thick shoulder and long taper provide quick rebound and a great “ping-shot”. Long reverse taper pushes more mass to the front of the stick.

    • Diameter: .740" [1.88cm]
    • Length: 17" [43.18cm]
    • Taper: Long


Roger Carter has decades of experience with the drums. He was first introduced to the world of marching percussion as a student at Mission Viejo High School, and continued his drumming development in Southern California with the Kingsmen and the Velvet Knights. Afterward he spent 4 years as a member of the Concord Blue Devils, culminating with two years as center snare/section leader, a DCI championship, and a high percussion award. He then spent 6 years as a staff member with BD, winning 3 DCI titles and 2 high percussion awards.

Roger continued his drum corps teaching experience with the Crossmen and later the Madison Scouts. He has worked with Riverside Community College, was battery caption head/arranger for the Freelancers from 2002-2009, and spent 10 years as the battery instructor at James Logan High School. In 2012, Carter joined the percussion staff of the Bluecoats as a snare tech. In 2013 he assumed role of Percussion Caption Head, a position he presently holds. He is also a battery instructor for Mission Viejo High School. Roger is a Marching Percussion Specialist with the Vic Firth Education team, an Evans Drumheads player/teacher, and is a performing artist with TAMA Marching Percussion.