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“Prelude from Cello Suite No. 5” by J.S. Bach


“Prelude from Cello Suite No. 5” by J.S. Bach

Performed by Jisu Jung



M122 (M122)

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Soft. An ideal mallet for pieces such as the Bach Cello Suites.



The six suites for unaccompanied cello by Johann Sebastian Bach are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written.

The Prelude in Suite No. 5 is written in an A-B form, and is a French overture. It begins with a slow, emotional movement that explores the deep range of the cello. After that comes a fast and very demanding single-line fugue that leads to the powerful end.


Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist of the Baroque period. He enriched many established German styles through his skill in counterpoint, harmonic and motivic organization, and the adaptation of rhythms, forms, and textures from abroad, particularly from Italy and France. His music is revered for its intellectual depth, technical command, and artistic beauty.

Bach was born in Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach, into a very musical family; his father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, was the director of the town musicians, and all of his uncles were professional musicians. His father taught him to play violin and harpsichord, and his brother, Johann Christoph Bach, taught him the clavichord and exposed him to much contemporary music. Bach also went to St Michael’s School in Lüneburg because of his singing skills. After graduating, he held several musical posts across Germany: he served as Kapellmeister (director of music) to Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen, Cantor of Thomasschule in Leipzig, and Royal Court Composer to August III. Bach’s health and vision declined in 1749, and he died on 28 July 1750. Modern historians believe that his death was caused by a combination of stroke and pneumonia.

Bach’s abilities as an organist were highly respected throughout Europe during his lifetime, although he was not widely recognized as a great composer until a revival of interest and performances of his music in the first half of the 19th century. He is now generally regarded as one of the main composers of the Baroque period, and as one of the greatest composers of all time.


Winner of the Grand Prize in the Cheongju Music Association Competition at age 6 after only four years of playing marimba, Percussionist Jisu Jung has won numerous competitions and performed as a soloist with many professional orchestras throughout Korea. Ms. Jung captured the Grand Prize at the 2003 Korea-US National as well as the CBS Youth Music Competitions in 2007.

She has performed as a soloist with the Oradea-Rumania and Eurasian Philharmonic Orchestras, Gyeonggi State Philharmonic Orchestra, Suwon City Youth Orchestra and has been invited to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in November 2013.

Also an avid orchestral musician, she has performed with the Buchen City Orchestra in Korea and the Peabody Symphony Orchestra in Baltimore, Maryland. This past summer, Ms. Jung attended the Brevard Music Center as a scholarship student.

Ms. Jung graduated from the Seoul National Arts High School before coming to the United States to study with Robert van Sice at the Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University with a full scholarship.

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