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Craig Reynolds Lesson Series: Ultimate Quintuplet Drum Lesson

Ultimate Quintuplet Drum Lesson

After starting off in punk bands at age 12, I decided when school life was over I didn’t want a ‘proper’ job, and set about finding a way to play music for a living. After studying under Tony Lyons at secondary school, I went on to complete a BA HONS Degree at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Studying under tutors like Pete Riley, Mike Sturgis, Jon Duff and the mighty Bill Bruford, I graduated in 2008 with Upper Second Class Honours.

Since my graduation I’ve managed to successfully get away with playing music for a living. The 12 year old me would be stoked. So far my career has seen me in the studio and touring worldwide with bands like BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL, THE HAARP MACHINE, VIATROPHY and many more- as well as teaching full time from my studio in Reading, England. Yes I do enjoy a lovely cup of tea. I’m all about positivity so feel free to follow me on all my social media sites and let’s work out this drumming business together!

Check out Craig online at craigreynolds.co.uk for gear specifics, video lessons, and much more!



5B (5B)

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More substantial than a 5A, but not overpowering. Medium taper for a great balance.

L = 16"“, Dia. = .595“

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