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Hybrid Rudiments: Balloons by Emmanuel Deleon

Hybrid Rudiments:

“Balloons” by Emmanuel Deleon


Emmanuel’s Vic Firth Products of Choice:


Emmanuel performed in high school at Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield, CA from 2003-2007 where he learned the basic necessities of the marching activity. Emmanuel then went on to perform with the Vanguard Cadets of Santa Clara, CA where he played snare for the 2006 season. The next year Emmanuel started his first season with the Santa Clara Vanguard for the 2007 season and continued with them for two more years in the 2008 and 2009 season as well as being appointed section leader in the 2009 season. After that Emmanuel then went on to perform with the Blue Devils of Concord, CA for the 2010 season, which was also his age out year.

For the indoor activity, Emmanuel performed in High School but went on to do 4 years of performing with Pulse Percussion out of Southern California for the 2009-2012 seasons. Emmanuel was also appointed section leader of the ensemble for the 2012 season, which was his last year performing.

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