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“Dusk” by Dave Collier


“Dusk” by Dave Collier

Performed by So Percussion

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Orchestral Series (M132)

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Medium rubber. Dark sound with clarity on xylophone.


Terry Gibbs Signature (M33)

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This line offers a rattan handled mallet for every dynamic range on vibraphone or marimba. Cord wound heads.


Robert van Sice Signature (M124)

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Medium. The most popular mallet in the series. Extraordinary range of color, which is easily manipulated by the performer.


Dusk is an exploration of rhythmic texture and the colour of a percussion ensemble. Each player is playing an ostinato rhythm with each hand. The different ostinati have accents which all move at different speeds, creating a texture in which the relationship of the accents between the players is always changing. Every time an accent is notated, instead of playing the note louder, the players use a different mallet to give a new timbre which jumps out of the texture. The combination of rhythms create a feeling of stasis with the accents pulling against that giving a feeling of change.

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