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“Ghost Garden” by Adam Hopper


“Ghost Garden” by Adam Hopper

Performed by Adam Hopper

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Robert van Sice Signature (M114)

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Medium. The most popular model in the series, this mallet covers the entire range of the marimba and produces a singing sound that is full of life.


Driving through many major American cities, it’s hard not to notice the plethora of vacant and abandonded lots. Where once stood proud buisnesses, lavish homes, or civic buildings, there is now little more than a blank, grassy plot of land.  Though the void of the canvas on the cityscape can be profoundly sad, something amazing happens within these empty spaces.  Left alone, life wells forth, and these vacant lots start to produce trees, flowers, and grass.  many people have started referring to such lots as Ghost Gardens.  In this piece, you can hear where the lot once held a vibrant and exciting tone, only to slowly fade away and change.  Through a series of transitional themes, the main idea reforms and comes back as the piece concludes, thus depicting the beauty of the land as it is reimagined.

Published through C. Alan Publications


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