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“José / beFore John 5” by Aurel Hollo


“José / beFore John 5” by Aurel Hollo

Performed by University of Central Florida Percussion

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Robert van Sice Signature (M114)

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Medium. The most popular model in the series, this mallet covers the entire range of the marimba and produces a singing sound that is full of life.


Terry Gibbs Signature (M31)

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This line offers a rattan handled mallet for every dynamic range on vibraphone or marimba. Cord wound heads.


Ney Rosauro Signature (SNR)

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An elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. Long taper provides excellent rebound, while a slight taper towards the butt enhances the balance. In hickory.


The basic idea of my piece José was born when I was listening to the recording Oriental Bass by the ethnic contrabass-player Renaud Garcia-Fons. I wondered many times whether it would be possible to present his fundamentally Spanish style with it’s Arabic and Gypsy effects in an original percussion composition instead of a simple adaptation. My answer to this question is “José.”

Besides Garcia-Fons’s recording I also used a theme by Paco de Lucia in this composition. Marimba has the lead through in this short character piece almost exclusively: two players standing face to face play especially virtuoso complementary motives. Most of these figures are based on the traditional xylophone music of Africa. The players use techniques of amadinda and akadinda (traditional percussion instruments from Uganda) yet the scale they cover is typically flamenco-like at the same time. In the end these two players sound a real guitar as well, with the same technique. This rhythmical-melodic source is enriched by the playing of two other musicians who create many interesting and exciting sounds for example with the Spanish cajon or the favourite instrument of Gypsy folk music, the simple sheet-iron can and many more.

I dedicate this piece of mine to Josep Vicent, former artistic leader of Amsterdam Percussion Group.

–Aurél Holló


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