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Maria Finkelmeier Brings Fenway’s “Green Monster” to Life

Maria Finkelmeier Brings Fenway’s “Green Monster” to Life

What do you get when you combine musicians, visual artists, and an iconic Boston landmark? One of the most imaginative, interactive, and musical pieces of live outdoor art that Lansdowne street has ever seen, Waking the Monster (the Green Monster that is).

Vic Firth educator, Maria Finkelmeier, was one of the ingenious creators and performers behind Waking the Monster. A Boston-based percussion performer and educator, Maria has toured throughout the U.S., Europe, and Australia with Ensemble Evolution-and international percussion group, which she also co-founded.

Maria, along with fellow artists Ryan Edwards and Sam Okerstrom-Lang worked collaboratively in order to create Waking the Monster. Their final product was featured in ILLUMINUS, a nighttime contemporary art event that took place during Boston’s HUBweek 2015.

So, what does it take to actually “Wake the Monster”? Take a look…

Mallets used in Waking the Monster:

SD12 Swizzle



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