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Maximize Your Practice Time With VF Educator, Stephen Taylor

Maximize Your Practice Time With VF Educator, Stephen Taylor

VF educator, Stephen Taylor, is currently hosting a free online drum lesson geared towards enhancing a drummer’s daily practice routine. The lesson helps drummers learn how to maximize practice time to ensure more focused and productive practice sessions in the future. Taylor’s lesson is titled, Transforming Your Practice Time: 3 Tips for More Focused Practice, and begins Tuesday, March 22. The online lesson will be available for viewing until Thursday, March 30 and is able to be streamed on any device.

“Being happy and content with your playing leads to a happier and more productive life outside of the practice room as well. It is going to be a COMPLETE BRAIN DUMP of everything I know about the art of practicing. I am going to show you how to construct a methodical and predictable daily practice routine that lets you maximize every minute of practice you put in.” -Stephen Taylor

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