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Meet the Vic Firth Team!

the office team

From product design and marketing to sales and customer service.

  • Ben Davies
    Artist Relations Manager
  • Mark Dyke
    Director of Sales
  • Amber Fox
    Customer Service Account Specialist
  • Chris Gibson
    Accounting and Finance
  • Rob Grad
    Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Eric Gross
    Customer Service Account Specalist
  • Chris Johnson
    Customer Service Account Specialist
  • Neil Larrivee
    Director of Education and Product Development
  • Christian Lyman
    Education and Product Dev. Coordinator
  • Chuck Moulton
    Merchandising and Customer Service
  • Scott Quade
    Digital Media
  • ellie shapiro
    Marketing Consultant
  • Joe Testa
    Director of Artist Relations
  • Andy Tamulynas
    Earned Marketing Manager
  • mark wessels
    Director of Internet Activities

the shipping & production team

No Vic Firth product goes out into the world without going through these guys and gals first!

  • Hong Do

  • Long Nguyen

  • Ngoc Van Nguyen

  • Thu Nguyen

  • Theresa Pham

  • Joe Currier – Shipping and Production Manager

  • Jeff Fletcher

  • Dan Goldberg

  • Matt Goldberg

  • Matt Hogan

  • Carol Picarriello

  • Tim Sepe

manufacturing and maine offices

Our craftspeople in Newport, Maine are the absolute best in the world at what they do. Full team roster coming soon!

  • David Crocker – Director of Operations

  • Demaris Flood – Production Supervisor

  • Phil Griffin – Maintenance Manager

  • Mary Provo – Human Resources Manager

  • Merle Wood – Chief Financial Officer

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