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Roger Carter Corpsmaster® Signature Stick

Roger’s Corpsmaster® signature stick features a long, sloping taper, which pushes mass to the back of the stick for remarkable response and flow. The taper flanges back out slightly at the neck for added durability and focused power at the tip. Working in concert with this unique taper, a round tip provides excellent articulation at every dynamic level.

The balance and speed of the new Roger Carter Corpsmaster®signature stick also makes it a fantastic choice for marching tenors. The long taper makes it easier to get around the drums and creates a great rim shot sound.

Roger Carter is well known in the marching percussion activity for his dedication to excellence as well as his unique stylistic approach to rudimental drumming. Throughout his career, Roger has performed with and instructed for some of the foremost marching percussion programs in the world, including the Blue Devils, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Broken City Indoor Percussion and the Bluecoats.

“I really wanted to make a marching stick that had the feel of a drumset stick,” states Roger. “My approach to rudimental drumming incorporates groove and stylistic flow into a genre that has been historically defined by its rigidity. This stick is an extension of that.”

“I could use anything I want and I’ve been with Vic for more than 20 years. I think that speaks for itself,” states Roger. “Many of my favorite drummers of all time use Vic Firth, and I am honored to be included among such an elite group as a Vic Firth Signature Artist.”

SRHTSN-vertical-imageRalph Hardimon Tenor Stick, Nylon

Ralph-Hardimon-SRTSN-alt-photoRalph’s new tenor stick is as big and bold as his existing model, but features a few design modifications for today’s marching repertoire. The exceptionally large barrel tip has been upgraded to red, injection- molded nylon for a brighter sound on high-tuned Mylar® heads. The overall length of the stick has also been stretched out from 1515⁄16” to 163⁄4”. This added reach allows for greater comfort and speed when playing on modern multi-tenor set-ups, which tend to be further away from the player’s body.

It is no coincidence that the path of Ralph Hardimon’s career is intertwined with some of the most successful marching programs in a generation. His work with Santa Clara Vanguard, the Blue Knights and many others has inspired countless musicians worldwide and earned him a place in the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame. Today, Ralph builds upon a lifetime of meaningful and enduring contributions to the marching activity as he continues to teach, compose and inspire.

“It’s amazing to see this activity continue to evolve. What today’s players are capable of is absolutely astounding,” states Ralph. “One of the things we wanted to accomplish with my new tenor stick was to make it easier to get around the drums. We wanted to keep that big, bold sound, but make it work for the way today’s tenor drummers play.”

“I’m really pleased with how this stick turned out,” states Ralph. “It’s so rewarding to see those red tips from the stands and know that we’ve created something that’s really working for the players on the field.”

NEW! Benny Greb Signature Stick

German drumming sensation Benny Greb requires no introduction in the percussion world. A true student of the instrument, his analytical and holistic approach to the drums fuels his enviable ability to groove in any musical setting. As much an educator as he is a performer, Benny strives to share his knowledge and passion with future generations of drummers in his instructional roles at the Popakademie in Hamburg and the Hamburg School of Music.

In 2016, Benny brought his immense talents to Vic Firth in search of The Perfect Pair™.

“We wanted to get this product absolutely right – and it was worth the wait,” states Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Education and Drumstick Product Development. “Working with an artist of Benny’s knowledge and artistry is always a pleasure. His thoughtful and detailed contributions to the design process have made this a truly exciting stick. No question.”

Benny’s stick is similar in diameter to a 5B, but features some unique adjustments that optimize feel and sound. A medium taper places the shoulder of this stick in an ideal spot for durability. To get a little more response than a medium taper typically offers, additional length is “borrowed” from the neck by moving the tip further up the stick. While increasing response usually requires changing the taper or length of a stick, Benny’s signature model does it all within a well-balanced 16 inches!

The tip is a shortened tear drop shape – smaller than what you might normally find on a stick of this diameter – and provides a much more focused cymbal sound. The Benny Greb Signature Stick is personal on every level, right down to the green ink – a calling card of this drumming mastermind.

“What a rewarding experience it is when you search for something, think there might be a possible improvement, and then your expectations are met and even surpassed,” states Benny. “I feel at home and that everything is as it should be.”

Introducing the Modern Jazz Collection

Some secrets are too good to keep quiet. Over the years and in collaboration with some of the world’s top artists, the design team at Vic has produced thousands of prototypes ranging from the highly experimental to the straight-ahead. This has been our secret playground. The MJC series have been staples in our back room for years – and while the name says ‘Modern Jazz’, we’ve found they are exceptional in almost any musical setting.

Never before available to the public, these five models were developed collaboratively with drummers on the cutting edge of “American’s Original Art Form”, including Jeff Ballard, Greg Hutchinson, Joe McCarthy and Lewis Nash.


Vic Firth Enters the Cajon Market with Two New Products

“Although the cajon is traditionally played with the hands, today’s percussionists are experimenting with a variety of implements in pursuit of new and exciting sounds,” states Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Education and Drumstick Product Development for Vic Firth Co. “For all the cajon brushes out there, we were surprised to learn that very few of them actually address the unique needs of this emerging instrument!”

The Cajon Bru-llet marries elements of a brush and a mallet to brilliantly translate both slap and bass tones to the cajon! Hickory shaft with medium-stiff plastic bristles and a 1 1⁄2” mallet head made from XLPE foam. The VKB4 is crafted with a foam rubber head and produces a warm, full bass tone on Cajon with just the right amount of attack.

Vic Firth’s new cajon products are designed with functionality and musicality as the top priorities.

Limited Edition Products Celebrate Artist Milestones

Artist collaborations have long been a point of pride for Vic Firth Company. Conceived with the utmost respect for artistry and musicality, sticks in the Vic Firth Signature Series celebrate the musicians –past and present – who shape the drumming world today.

Quite possibly the most recognized jazz drummer of all time, Buddy Rich fundamentally changed the role of the drummer. His inimitable style pushed him to center stage, and in so doing, created generations of aspiring young drummers! Exploding on to the music scene in the late 1960’s with Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice brought an immense energy to the drumming world. Together with Vanilla Fudge, he helped to shape the face of Psychedelic Rock for years to come.

Vic Firth is pleased to release these limited edition products, celebrating Buddy’s 100th birthday and Carmine’s 50-year career in the recording industry.

Updated Signature Sticks



“For years, drummers around the world have told us how much they love the balance and adaptability of Carter’s stick,” states Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Education and Drumstick Product Development. “But if there’s one request we hear time and time again, it’s for a version with a natural grip. In close collaboration with Carter, we’re pleased to now offer his wildly popular signature stick without the added Vic Grip coating.”



Available worldwide in 2017, Gavin’s updated model features a royal blue matte paint in the gripping area. Dry to the touch, this matte finish offers a feel that is completely unique when compared to standard paint, Vic Grip or lacquer. This brand new finish comes together with the same finely-tuned specs that made Gavin’s original stick so popular to create an incredibly versatile and well balanced stick with a feel all its own.



After countless requests from retailers and artists worldwide, the Essentials Stick Bag–a limited-edition product in 2016 –has found a permanent home in the Vic Firth catalog.

The ESBRED is cleverly designed to hold 4-5 implements such as sticks, brushes, Rutes and mallets–the essentials! The bag features a hook-and-strap system for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare. The straps fit neatly into the bag when not in use. An internal pocket and elastic drum key loop make the bag complete! Crafted in durable‚ water resistant red nylon. H = 19”, W (when open) = 8 1/4”

Iain Moyer Corpsmaster® Signature Keyboard Mallets

Over the course of a continually blossoming career, Dr. Iain Moyer has amassed numerous accomplishments and made significant contributions to the world of marching percussion. He has composed, arranged and instructed at the highest levels of the Drum Corps activity – including ten years at The Cadets, contributing to a World Championship in 2011 and a Fred Sanford High Percussion Award in 2013. Iain has additionally worked with the Madison Scouts, Glassmen, Crossmen, and has held directorial positions at the University of North Alabama and Widener University.

“I’m really excited about my new signature mallets, because I think they offer a fresh approach to the marching percussion idiom,” states Moyer. “The marimba models are based on a multi-tonal concept, and the vibraphone models feature birch handles instead of the traditional choice of rattan.”

Multi-tonal in construction, the four marimba models respond to the player’s touch on the instrument. Increased velocity offers brighter articulation. Composers and arrangers will find that they can keep the same models in the players’ hands for longer passages – changing articulation through technique and touch, rather than mallet changes.

Birch shafts in the vibraphone models offer increased rigidity – great for fast, two-mallet passages in the upper registers and for turn-on-a-dime dynamic changes from note to note. These birch shaft vibraphone mallets are also great on marimba, offering a unique cord-wrapped articulation.

Rusty Burge Signature Vibraphone Mallet

Educator, performer and recording artist Rusty Burge is widely recognized for his unique musical voice on the vibraphone. “Your sound is what defines you as a player. Listeners are either drawn to it, or they aren’t,” states Rusty. “As a vibraphonist, your options for cultivating a unique sound are the instrument itself, your technique, and your mallets. It is of vital importance that the mallets work with you!”

Designed with both group and solo performance in mind, Rusty’s signature vibraphone mallet offers the ultimate uniformity of sound at all dynamic levels. “A lot of times when you’re playing with a group, you’re not in control of how loud the drummer plays. When you want to produce more sound, you shouldn’t lose the sound you want to get. That was my number one goal for these mallets.”

Rusty’s new mallet generates a full sound that maintains its characteristics across all registers and at all dynamic levels. Durable synthetic cord over a rubber core produces a nice jump off the bar.

Updated Ed Saindon Signature Vibraphone Mallet

Over the course of his career as a world-renowned performer and educator, Ed Saindon has developed a sound all his own by way of his pianistic approach to mallet playing. His expressivity and nuance on the instrument is intrinsically linked both to his unique 4-mallet technique and to his mallets themselves.

“When we set out to update my signature mallet, I knew I wanted a little more agility, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the fullness or clarity that my original M38 was known for,” states Ed. “The natural rubber core of the new M39 combined with a carefully selected cord provides a great playing experience with the perfect balance of fullness and clarity across the range of the instrument and at all dynamic levels.”

Constructed for a versatile sound, Ed’s new M39 mallet is great on both vibraphone and marimba. Rattan handles and an appropriately-weighted core make this a well-balanced and extremely playable mallet.Ed Saindon Signature Vibraphone mallets feature a natural rubber core tightly wrapped with thin cord generates a full sound with exceptional clarity at all dynamic levels. Perfect for both vibraphone and marimba.

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