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In our exclusive lesson series, world renowned composer and performer Ney Rosauro demonstrates the grip that he uses on both Marimba and Vibraphone. Developed during an extensive performing career, Ney’s “Extended Cross Grip” combines the advantages of the Burton grip (power, speed and ease of learning) with the Musser/Stevens grip (independence, flexibility and wide interval range). In addition, the Extended Cross Grip applies instantly to all keyboard and multi-percussion instruments, making it the most effective way to play with four mallets.

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ney has developed a successful international career as a percussionist, composer and pedagogue. He is an immensely popular composer of percussion concerti with an average of 150 performances each year by distinguished orchestras and wind ensembles worldwide. His numerous compositions and method books have become standards in the percussion repertoire and his CDs have been hailed by critics, percussionists and general music-lovers alike.

As soloist and pedagogue he has presented courses, solo concerts and performances with orchestras in around the world.

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