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“Paschal Dances” by David Gillingham


“Paschal Dances” by David Gillingham

Performed by The University of North Carolina Greensboro
Under the direction of Cort McClaren

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Gifford Howarth Signature (M163)

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Medium hard. For general playing on the entire instrument, with excellent clarity in the upper range and rich tones in the lower and mid-ranges.


Ney Rosauro Signature (M229)

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Very hard. A very articulate and extremely powerful mallet.


Orchestral Series (M136)

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Hard acetal produces a very full and lyrical sound on bells and xylophone.


U. North Carolina Greensboro under the direction of Cort McClaren performs “Paschal Dances” by David Gillingham. “Paschal Dances is based on the first two lines of the famous Gregorian Easter sequence,”Victim paschali laudes” (Praises to the Paschal Victim). Motives and phrases of the chant are used to unify the work which comprises an Invocation, 4 Dances, 2 Interludes, and a Benediction.”

– D. Gillingham.

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