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Performance Spotlight: Western Carolina University Drumline 2016


“Whee See You” 2016

The students and staff of the 2016 “Pride of the Mountains” Marching Band are proud to present their 2016 production entitled, “Whee See You.”  The directors, leadership team, and student membership have worked incredibly hard to provide audiences another unforgettable performance experience. With freshmen membership numbering over 200 and an incredibly high percentage of veteran members returning, the 2016 “Pride of the Mountains” marching band totals 476 students who will continue to set performance standards, while pushing the envelope for innovation and entertainment.

The production is designed and implemented by David Starnes (Director of Athletic Bands), Matt Henley (Assistant Director of Athletic Bands), and Jon Henson (Assistant Director of Athletic Bands). Musical arrangements are by Mr. Doug Thrower and drill design is by Mr. Jamey Thompson. Both of these gentlemen are internationally recognized for their contribution to the pageantry arts and are iconic names in the marching band and drum and bugle corps activity. With the reputation the “Pride of the Mountains” enjoys nationally, these gentlemen are prime contributors to the innovation, entertainment, and excitement centered upon this year’s production.




Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band? What it feels like to be on a football field with 476 performers? How it feels to experience the rush of a performance and the sound of an audience that loves what you do? Well…now you can! “Whee See You” is an interactive and technological journey that will give you (the audience member) this perspective while displaying cinematography and a live soundtrack, generated by this incredible marching band! An interactive, outdoor pageantry experience, never before attempted!

“Whee” will open our show with a trip back in time, reliving some of the most iconic moments of television and screen, as the band creates giant movie reels, prior to our version of “Lights, Camera, Action!” Our ear-popping first notes will come from the Grammy award winning artist, Adele. Since “whee” must acknowledge each other’s presence in this interactive experience, what better way to do so than saying, “Hello.” The lyrics from this song read, “Hello, from the other side…” but through this experience, the question remains, “Who is on the other side?” Is it the audience? The band? Or both?

As our interactive journey ensues, “whee” explore sight through our mind’s eye. What happens when “whee” close our eyes? It opens the door for our dreams and imagination to run wild! Listen for the 1980’s smash hit, “When You Close Your Eyes” from Night Ranger and “See You Again,” by Wiz Khalifa as centerpieces to this portion of the show. Audiences will quickly realize, “indeed, the eyes have it,” as our visual program unfolds.

Now…open your eyes! What do you see? Is everything as you imagined it, right before your very eyes? The musical artistry of KT Tunstall would say, “yes!” through her energetic composition, entitled, “Suddenly, I See.” This portion of our show will highlight the incredible stylistic diversity of our members. Listen for outstanding soloists, our amazingly talented woodwind section, a beautiful new “look” from our colorguard, as well as a visit from “old blue eyes,” himself, Mr. Frank Sinatra, as “whee” conclude this glimpse of our journey with “The Way You Look Tonight.”

The old adage of “what you see is what you get,” has no place in our world. If perception is reality, hold onto your seats as “whee” change the way you see us. Our percussion feature will have you reeling, forward and backward…backward and forward, as you see and feel as though your world is being turned upside down…because it is! No worries though, we’ll help you find “center” again…no more spinning, no more turning. You need to know up from down…you need “Clarity,” by Zedd and “whee” have it! Enjoy our live vocalist, incredible percussion section, and electronic media that will make this unforeseeable moment, crystal clear!

Our entire production has been a bit voyeuristic so far, glaring at one another with only the front sideline serving as a “ground zero” of sorts. Through our journey, “whee” have answered the question of what it’s like to be on “both sides of the fence,” as a performer and/or an audience member. Take some time, think about what you’ve seen…and let One Republic’s “Stop and Stare,” and the Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” provide the musical reflection for your new perspective. As our journey concludes, “whee” bid our audience farewell knowing that “with every hello must come a goodbye.” Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman provide inspiring music with “Time To Say Goodbye,” that brings closure to all that “whee” have experienced while highlighting the powerful musical and visual dominance of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. “Whee” hope our journey together has allowed you a glimpse of our world that occurs in the blink of an eye, so don’t miss a minute of it! “Whee See You,” is coming to a football stadium near you this fall and the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band will be “looking” for you!

 Instructional Staff and Design Team

David Starnes, Director of Athletic Bands

Matt Henley, Assistant Director of Athletic Bands

Jon Henson, Assistant Director of Athletic Bands

Doug Thrower, Music Arranger

Jamey Thompson, Drill Designer

Bob Buckner, Pregame Drill Designer

Bobby Richardson, Colorguard Director

Scott Beck, Rifle/Saber Choreographer

Brittany Mastromatteo, Colorguard Technician

Scott Lanning, “Purple” Drumline Director

Chelsea Levine, Cymbal Technician

Taylor Barnes, Bass Drum Technician



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