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Benny Greb
  • SBG

Benny Greb
Model: ( SBG )

A 5B shaft with a medium taper and shortened tear drop tip for focused cymbal sound and excellent rebound.


.595" | 1.51cm


16" | 40.64cm

Medium Taper [?]

Taper: Medium


  • Material: Hickory
  • Surface coating: Lacquer

Tip: [?]

  • Type: Wood
  • Shape: Tear Drop
  • Surface area:Small

German drumming sensation Benny Greb requires no introduction in the percussion world. A true student of the instrument, his analytical and holistic approach to the drums fuels his enviable ability to groove in any musical setting. As much an educator as he is a performer, Benny strives to share his knowledge and passion with future generations of drummers with his “Master Session Drumcamps” around the world as well as with his new DVD “The Art and Science of Groove”.

In 2016, Benny brought his immense talents to Vic Firth in search of The Perfect Pair™.

“We wanted to get this product absolutely right – and it was worth the wait,” states Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Education and Drumstick Product Development. “Working with an artist of Benny’s knowledge and artistry is always a pleasure. His thoughtful and detailed contributions to the design process have made this a truly exciting stick. No question.”

Benny’s stick is similar in diameter to a 5B, but features some unique adjustments that optimize feel and sound. A medium taper places the shoulder of this stick in an ideal spot for durability. To get a little more response than a medium taper typically offers, additional length is “borrowed” from the neck by moving the tip further up the stick. While increasing response usually requires changing the taper or length of a stick, Benny’s signature model does it all within a well-balanced 16 inches!

The tip is a shortened tear drop shape – smaller than what you might normally find on a stick of this diameter – and provides a much more focused cymbal sound. The Benny Greb Signature Stick is personal on every level, right down to the green ink – a calling card of this drumming mastermind.

“What a rewarding experience it is when you search for something, think there might be a possible improvement, and then your expectations are met and even surpassed,” states Benny. “I feel at home and that everything is as it should be.”

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