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Gavin Harrison
  • SHAR2

Gavin Harrison
Model: ( SHAR2 )

An elongated ROCK shaft with a blended taper and tip, delivering an ideal combination of power and playability. Features a royal blue matte paint in the gripping area for a unique feel.


.630" | 1.6cm


167/8" | 42.86cm

Medium Taper [?]

Taper: Medium


  • Material: Hickory
  • Surface coating: Paint

Tip: [?]

  • Type: Wood
  • Shape: Blended
  • Surface area:Medium

Gavin Harrison’s work with King Crimson and Porcupine Tree has influenced drummers worldwide and set a new standard for progressive rock drumming. Originally released in 2011, Gavin’s signature stick is designed to stand up to his incredible stylistic versatility behind the kit.

Available worldwide in 2017, Gavin’s updated model features a royal blue matte paint in the gripping area. Dry to the touch, this matte finish offers a feel that is completely unique when compared to standard paint, Vic Grip or lacquer. This brand new finish comes together with the same finely-tuned specs that made Gavin’s original stick so popular to create an incredibly versatile and well balanced stick with a feel all its own.

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