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Matt Garstka
  • SGAR

Matt Garstka
Model: ( SGAR )

Matt set out to design a stick that could be agile without losing its structural integrity. This stick definitely has beef, but a blended tip and long taper provide awesome finesse and speed.


.585" | 1.49cm


16" | 40.64cm

Long Taper [?]

Taper: Long


  • Material: Hickory
  • Surface coating: Lacquer

Tip: [?]

  • Type: Wood
  • Shape: Blended
  • Surface area:Medium

As the rhythmic foundation behind prog-metal’s most talked about band, Animals As Leaders, Matt Garstka has been establishing new paradigms for contemporary drummers since his graduation from Berklee College of Music in 2011. While commonly referred to as a “rhythmic scientist” due to his mastery of highly technical rhythms and time signatures, it’s Matt’s ability to lay the technical wizardry into a deep-seated groove that has driven his meteoric rise in the drumming community.

“Matt told us that he played lighter sticks as a young kid, but as he grew older and got into more aggressive styles of music, the heavier, thicker sticks didn’t deliver the finesse he wanted,” says Neil Larrivee, Vice President of Education and Drumstick Product Development.

The Matt Garstka Signature Stick was designed with a unique alchemy of taper, tip and weight, providing the perfect symmetry between power, speed, balance and sound. The diameter is halfway between the 55A and the Buddy Rich Signature Stick, and is 16” in length. The way the profile blends seamlessly from the shaft, through the taper, and into the tip is key to producing amazing flex and response and a clear, full-bodied sound on the cymbal.

“This stick’s a chopper, but you can smash with it too. To me, it’s the best of bothworlds,” states Matt. “It’s an honor to have a signature stick with Vic Firth. I hold them in higher regard than any other stick company. Working with them was really a dream come true.”

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