Video Shed Sessions With Gerald Heyward!

Would you like the chance to perform a DRUM DUET with Gerald Heyward AND have your video featured in the VIC FIRTH YouTube channel? Today is your lucky day. Download the track below and record your half of the duet. When you're done, send us a link to your video using the form below and we'll do the rest!

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  How to Enter Your Video

Huge shout out to Casey Cooper for helping us kick off the first installment of the Vic Firth Shed Sessions.

1. Watch how it's done

2. Send us something like this.

3. We will edit it into this!

  Download the track

Once you've watched the video above and understand the form of the tune, download the track below and start making your own video!

Download MP3

  Send us your video

Once you've worked up the tune, let the cameras roll! Upload your finished video to YouTube or Vimeo and fill out the form below. That's it!

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Gerald Heyward Signature Stick

Gerald Heyward (SGH)

Features a barrel tip and plenty of length with a short taper for really laying into a groove.
L = 16 5/16" | Dia. = .570"

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Our Favorite Duets

Many will participate in this play-along contest. Although we won't be able to feature every video we receive, we're going to publish many of them! Stay tuned, because over the next several weeks, we'll be sharing some of our favorite entries on YouTube, Facebook and right here on the website!