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Features tagged with ‘dci 2014’

  • Carolina Crown: DCI 2014

    "In the Lot" footage from Denton, TX and finals week, PLUS video from Crown's annual recording session!

  • The Cadets: DCI 2014

    "Learn the Music" to Burlesque and Appalachian Spring, plus "in the lot" and rehearsal vids from San Antonio &...

  • Blue Stars: DCI 2014

    "In the Lot" footage from San Antonio, TX, plus rehearsal videos from finals week!

  • Madison Scouts: DCI 2014

    Featuring "Learn the Music", early/mid-season coverage, plus "in the lot" and rehearsal footage from finals week!

  • Blue Knights: DCI 2014

    Including "in the lot" footage from Denton, TX plus finals week rehearsal and lot videos!

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