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Features tagged with ‘iain moyer’

  • The Cadets: DCI 2016

    Complete coverage of the 2016 Tour from training camp to finals week!

  • The Cadets: DCI 2015

    Early season rehearsal, "Learn the Music" to Waltz, mid-season rehearsal in Mustang, OK - and complete coverage from Finals...

  • Cadets Winter Percussion / WGI (PIW)

    In the Lot videos from WGI Championships in Dayton, OH

  • The Cadets: DCI 2014

    "Learn the Music" to Burlesque and Appalachian Spring, plus "in the lot" and rehearsal vids from San Antonio &...

  • The Cadets: DCI 2013

    Including the first ever "Learn the Music" series, "in the lot" vids from San Antonio & Finals week, plus...

  • The Cadets: DCI 2012

    Featuring "in the lot" videos from DCI San Antonio Regional and Finals week in Indianapolis, IN – PLUS "beyond...

  • The Cadets: DCI 2011

    Featuring "iFeaturing multi-cam front ensemble and battery rehearsal footage, PLUS full ensemble run through at the Meadowlands stadium in...

  • The Cadets: DCI 2010

    Featuring "in the lot" videos from DCI Finals week in Indianapolis, IN – PLUS "beyond the lot" multi-camera video...

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