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Quite possibly the most durable sticks ever! Designed with a revolutionary technology to maximize durability and playability, the Titan™ is made from an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite. Remarkably consistent in weight and pitch, the Titan™ provides superior durability without sacrificing the feel and familiarity of a wood stick.

Pushing the Envelope.

As Vic always said, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. Every day, we’re pushing the boundaries and striving to do what’s never been done before. That’s why we spent two years developing the Titan™ stick! They said it wasn’t possible for a synthetic drumstick to feel like wood. We disagreed.


Titan™ 5B (TI5B)

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An advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite provides the ultimate marriage of durability and playability.

L = 16"“, Dia. = .595“

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