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Todd is a dynamic fiqure in the world of drumming today! Whether Todd is performing, recording, writing or teaching and performing clinics/workshops, his musical abilities are that of a true professional. Todd continues to make a name for himself in today’s drumming community. From live performances and studio sessions, his resume is very impressive.

Originally from New Jersey, Todd began to play drums at age eleven. By age fifteen, Todd was playing professionally in a variety of live performances throughout the New Jersey/New York area. Todd spent extensive years of private studies with renown instructor Russ Moy and further studies with world famous drummer Ed Shaughnessy (former drummer for the Johnny Carson Show). Todd’s versatility as a musician soon had him in demand and performing in Atlantic City and the New Jersey/New York area.

Todd’s styles of drumming can range from jazz, pop/rock, funk, fusion, country, progressive/odd-time, alternative, second line, rudimental/marching, and all situations and genres in between, which gives him a solid foundation to be called for any musical performance or recording-session in today’s most demanding times.

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