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Performance Spotlight: Western Carolina University Drumline 2012


“How We Roll” / 2012

The “Pride of the Mountains” Marching Band is recognized both regionally and nationally as one of the premier marching bands in the nation. Most recently, the band performed at the 122nd Annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California (2011). In 2009, they were awarded the prestigious Sudler Trophy, presented by the John Philip Sousa Foundation that recognizes one collegiate marching band bi-annually, for their outstanding achievement, innovative show design and performance excellence. They are also well known for their multiple Bands of America Regional and Grand National Exhibition performances.

“The Pride of the Mountains” Marching Band produces marching band shows that are familiar to listeners of all ages, programming melodies from a wide array of styles including rock, hip-hop, techno, classic rock and even classical music. Shows are written with audience entertainment in mind but in a modern marching band and drum and bugle corps style. It is WCU’s goal for the audience to leave having experienced a musical and visual presentation that will forever be remembered.

WCU’s 2012 production was entitled, “How We Roll,” and includes movements entitled, “Pop,” “Lock,” “Drop,” “Stop,” and “Roll.” This show gave the audience a taste of the wide array of music we are able to perform. The melodic design is motivated by musical “mashups” of today’s pop culture, that merges multiple melodies to create one composition.





Colin McNutt (SCM)

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Oval tip with a medium-long taper provides great balance with quick response at all dynamic levels.

L = 17"“, Dia. = .690“



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For 18”– 22” bass drums.

L = 0"“, Dia. = .“


M182 (M182)

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Medium yarn marimba mallet that is ideal in the lower two-thirds of the instrument. Synthetic core; birch shafts.

L = 0"“, Dia. = .“

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