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Balter Mallets

BX4 - Glock / Xylo - Medium, Santoprene Mallets

BX4 - Glock / Xylo - Medium, Santoprene Mallets

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Former Model* - Replaced with M413 - Articulate Series Keyboard Mallet - Medium Hard Synthetic, Round


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1 1/4" Santoprene - Medium

  • Designed to bring out the beautiful tones of orchestral bells and offer a more full, warm sound with less attack from xylophones
  • Large, medium hardness santoprene head designed for bells and xylophone
  • Rattan handles for added flex and feel


  • Length: 13.25”
    Family: Balter Mallets
  • Mallet
  • Series: Glock / Xylo Series

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