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Quadropad - Small

Quadropad - Small

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This practice pad provides the marching tenor player with an authentic feel and practice experience.



The Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Quadropad for marching tenors features accurately spaced pads for the most authentic practice experience! The thin, hard rubber surface provides the authentic feel and response of a high-tension marching tenor head, with quick rebound and tight articulation. The single pitch of this pad allows you to hear your playing without the pitch changes that can mask quality issues in your playing. The rubber pads are the first playable area on a set of drums to help you develop accuracy. If you hit the pad surface, you cleared the rim; if you hit the wood, you’ve hit the rims. A set of laminates is included, which provide extra articulation to the lowest playable dynamic levels and allow you to practice scrapes without the grab from the rubber, creating a similar feel from the Quadropad to your drums. The small Quadropad is for players used to a 8-inch #1 drum.
  • Enables quiet practice and an authentic playing experience for marching tenors
  • For players used to an 8" #1 drum
  • Natural rubber pad with mylar laminates
  • Includes a set of laminates

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