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“Right Track” by Adam Hopper


“Right Track” by Adam Hopper

Performed by Adam Hopper

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Ted Atkatz Signature (SATK)

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Long taper for great control and clarity at all dynamic levels. Persimmon provides the ideal density and weight for a concert stick.


Legacy Brush (LB)

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A retractable brush with a wood handle provides a natural feel in the hand. Medium gauge wire and an infinitely adjustable brush spread.


Right Track is a piece written for solo snare drum and pre-recorded track. This piece requires the performer to play with only one stick in their right hand. Meanwhile, the left hand creates different sounds and textures by using the fingers, dampening with the palm, and manipulating the head to create different pitches and glissandos. The rhythmic line of the piece corresponds with the accompanying pre-recorded track. Written in an electronic style, the track provides a
melodic structure in juxtaposition with the performer’s snare drum solo. The piece requires the performer to use all parts of the snare drum membrane, finger taps, and various types of rudimental strokes
to achieve the desired timbres and tones.

To purchase the piece, contact Adam at:

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