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“Rotation IV” by Eric Sammut – Marimba Literature Library


“Rotation IV” by Eric Sammut

Performed by Jordan Walsh



M211 (M211)

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Medium soft. Produces a full-bodied sound that still affords a degree of clarity.


M212 (M212)

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Medium. The most versatile mallet of the series. An all-purpose marimba mallet.


M213 (M213)

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Medium hard. Provides excellent clarity throughout the full range of the marimba.

Sammut’s “Four Rotations” have become some of the most frequently perfomed works for solo marimba. In “Four Rotations” all the mallets are important, because they use the “single alternating strokes” in both the melody and accompaniment. These pieces have all the attributes of crowd pleasers” catchty rhythms, memorable memories, a bit of swing and even some jazzy harmonies. One or more of these Rotations makes for a perfect end of an advanced recital. Eric Sammut was the winner of the LHS International Marimba competition in 1995.

Eric Sammut was born in Toulouse, France, where he studied piano and percussion and became known for his musical abilities at an early age. His varied musical experiences have led him to appreciate music of all genres, from that of Bach and Mozart to jazz and rock. After his studies at the Conservatoire Superieur de Musique de Lyon he became the First Percussionist at the Opera. His passion for the marimba emerged during this period, as he found a new musical and technical approach to the instrument. In 1995 he won the “Leigh Howard Stevens International Marimba Competition” and toured the USA, performing concerts and conducting masterclasses. Since then he has given recitals in France, Europe, and Asia, as well as the USA, gaining recognition as an international artist. He now serves as First Timpanist of the Orchestre de Paris and teaches marimba at the Conservatoire de Paris. Specializing in the art of improvisation, his scope of musical interactions ranges from Bach to Cole Porter and from Prokofiev to Edith Piaf. Sammut has also become one of the foremost composers of music for the marimba and actively promotes the instrument throughout France and all of Europe.



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