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“Stained Glass” by David Gillingham


“Stained Glass” by David Gillingham

Performed by The University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble
Under the direction of Dr. Lance Drege

Mallet Selection for this Piece:


Orchestral Series (M139)

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Hard Lexan® with an added brass weight creates a full, pure and clear tone on bells and xylophone.


Pesante Series (M229)

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Very hard. A very articulate and extremely powerful mallet.


Ney Rosauro Signature (M223)

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Medium hard. A versatile and general mallet that produces full and natural sound throughout the entire keyboard.


“‘Stained Glass’ is a work for percussion esnemble inspired by the beauty and color of stained glass. The work is cast in three continuous movements. The first movement, Foyers, is so named because of its reference to the many variations of stained glass found in the entrances of dwellings. As doorways lead to the main living areas of homes, so does this movement serve as a sort of ‘prelude’ leading to the other two movements. The second movement bears the title Cathedrals and seeks to create the mysteriousness and grandeur of the many great cathedrals of the world which are laden with a multitude of stained glass. The final movement, Sun Catchers, begins joyously in the bright key of E major. If one can imagine all the radiant colors which are reflected by a variety of multicolored sun catchers, then a mind set for this movement can be achieved.”

David R. Gillingham (b. 1947) has an international reputation for the works he has written for band and percussion. Many of these works are now considered standards in the repertoire, including several compositions for percussion ensemble.

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