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Dive into our latest lessons and performances!

  • Roger Carter's "SRC JAM"
  • Vic Licks
  • "Torched and Wrecked" by David Skidmore
  • Play-Along Track: Alex Rüdinger / "Enjoy The Rain"
  • Drum Tech Stories: Richard Russo
  • Stuart Marrs on Elliott Carter
  • "A Sense of Place" by Peter Klatzow
  • Play-Along Track: Wayne Salzmann II / Funk Norris
  • Performance Spotlight: Western Carolina University Drumline 2016
  • Performance Spotlight: Justin Faulkner
  • "Wild Sound" by Glenn Kotche
  • Benny Greb - 2016 Drum Festival International
  • "20 Children's Songs" by Bart Quartier - Marimba Literature Library
  • Aaron Spears - 2016 Drum Festival International
  • Featured Marching Percussion Submissions
  • "Mirrors of Emptiness" by Grigory Smirnov
  • Building Polymetric Grooves Using 3/16 Hi-Hat Patterns
  • "Paper Melodies" by Jason Treuting
  • The Jazz Trio: An Inside View
  • Bach Cello Suite II in D minor: "Gigue" / Performed by Micheal Barnes
  • Caballito Negro: This Is Like Jazz! by Ivan Trevino
  • Play-Along Track: Shawn Fichter / Cityscape
  • "Sequoia" for Marimba Duo by Alex Stopa
  • Texas Music Educators 2016 All State Audition Etudes
  • Vic Firth Salutes DCI 2015


#VF15 is all about sharing and learning from one another! These are some of our favorite video submissions.If you’d like your video to be featured, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #VF15!

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