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Dive into our latest lessons and performances!

  • Vic Licks
  • "Sequoia" for Marimba Duo by Alex Stopa
  • Texas Music Educators 2016 All State Audition Etudes
  • Featured Performance: Mario Profita
  • The Jazz Trio: An Inside View
  • Building A Drum Fill In 3 Steps with Stephen Taylor
  • Play-Along Track: Ash Soan / What's the Weather Like
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Ta Chigga Digga Dut by Christian Clark
  • Vic Firth Salutes DCI 2016
  • Joe Crabtree Lesson Series: Jeff Porcaro's "Rosanna" Groove
  • Performance Spotlight: Stephane Chamberland | Synchonisité
  • "Chance the Dog (the Song)" by the KRAKEN QUARTET
  • Performance Spotlight: Travis Orbin | Projects II EP
  • Maksym Deomin Lesson Series: Utilizing Gravity Effectively on Drums
  • "Restless" by Rich O'Meara - Marimba Literature Library
  • SOU PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE: The Shady Lady and the Rebel Frog
  • Performance Spotlight: Donovan Melero with Hail The Sun | "Human Target Practice"
  • Performance Spotlight: Peter Erskine "Tribute" / London Drum Show 2015
  • Performance Spotlight: Joel Stevenett | Neil Peart Tribute
  • "Kim" by Askell Masson - Performed by Timothy Feerst
  • Performance Spotlight: Borka Hess | The Run
  • "Dream of the Cherry Blossoms" by Keiko Abe - Marimba Literature Library
  • "The Offering" by Michael Burritt - Marimba Literature Library
  • Vic Firth Salutes DCI 2015


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