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Percussion with Principles

Concerned about the environment decades before it was fashionable to do so, we at Vic Firth believe in delivering products that are both great and goodSustainable sourcing, water recycling and carbon neutral heating are just the tip of the iceberg.

Vic Firth has fostered professional relationships with some of the brightest minds in the field of wood science. These relationships help us to ensure that we are employing the most efficient and sustainable methods in the industry — from the forest, all the way to the music store.

Read About Vic Firth and the Environment


#VF15 is all about sharing and learning from one another! These are some of our favorite video submissions.If you’d like your video to be featured, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #VF15!

Dive into our latest lessons and performances!

  • "An Extraordinary Correspondence" by Nathan Daughtrey
  • Louie Palmer Lesson Series: Ride Cymbal & Hi-Hat Technique
  • "A Place for Your Intentions", by Tyler Eschendal
  • Performance Spotlight: FLUX with Claus Hessler - "Run"
  • Nick Baglio with 'The Hot at Nights'
  • Performance Spotlight: Alex Rudinger | "Of The Fatherland"
  • Stephen Taylor's Drum Workshop: Using Double Paradiddles Like a Boss!
  • Marc Atkinson - "Five-Five-Five" by Frank Zappa
  • David Gillingham's "Concerto No. 2 for Marimba" / Performed by Brad Meyer
  • Performance Spotlight: "Between the Waters" featuring Brandon Graves
  • Performance Spotlight: Western Carolina University Drumline 2015
  • "Spine" by Michael Laurello
  • Performance Spotlight: Gergo Borlai & Dalibor Mráz / "Savages"
  • Performance Spotlight: Claus Hessler, Popakademie Sessions 2015
  • Performance Spotlight: Daniel Platzman with Imagine Dragons | "Radioactive"
  • Performance Spotlight: Patrick Metzger, Popakademie Sessions 2015
  • Performance Spotlight: Kin Rivera Jr | Gaga/Pink/Rihanna Mix
  • "Recovering" by Chris Cerrone
  • "Gone, Dog. Gone!" by Mark Applebaum
  • Jay Fenichel Lesson Series: "Everyone Wants to Rule the World"
  • Louie Palmer Lesson Series: Lick of the Month / Triplet Fill
  • Performance Spotlight: Damien Schmitt | 6/8 Improvisation
  • Performance Spotlight: Tito Pascoal | "Well Done"
  • "Monobot" by Andrea Mazzariello
  • Artist Spotlight: Travis Nunn | Chris Tomlin
  • Performance Spotlight: Ralph Peterson / Meinl Drum Fest 2015
  • Kevin Prince Lesson Series: Paradiddle Diddle Hybrid
  • Performance Spotlight: David Calarco
  • Vic Firth Salutes DCI 2015

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We’ve all got our go-to sticks — the ones we can’t live without. Show us what sticks you’re swinging withand tag your photos with #MyPerfectPair for a chance to be featured here!