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5A Shogun®
  • SHO5A

5A Shogun®
Model: ( SHO5A )

Our 5A in Japanese white oak. More dense than hickory, Japanese oak provides added power and articulation.


.565" | 1.44cm


16" | 40.64cm

Medium Taper [?]

Taper: Medium


  • Material: Japanese White Oak
  • Surface coating: Lacquer

Tip: [?]

  • Type: Wood
  • Shape: Tear Drop
  • Surface area:Medium

Made from Japanese white oak, the SHŌGUN® line is manufactured to the level of perfection you have come to expect from Vic Firth. A denser wood with a more rigid response than hickory, Japanese white oak provides added rigidity and power for a full drum sound and strong rhythmic projection.

“We are so happy with the return of this great series,” states Neil Larrivee, Director of Education and Product Development. “This beloved product line has been one that countless artists have asked to have returned to the Vic Firth catalog. And of course, we aim to please!”

The SHŌGUN® series features the designs of the American Classic® 5A and 5B, the world’s most popular drumstick models! The hardness of the wood tip in oak creates a brighter cymbal sound and provides excellent definition during intricate ride patterns. This unique wood also produces an incredible cross-stick tone that really cuts through.

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  • #MyPerfectpair is #VFSHO5A - they are way durable!! #amazing
    @henrybuscus1vic Twitter

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