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Products that made history.

1963 American Custom® SD1 and T1 General

The very first models were hand-whittled by Vic himself for his own performances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Today, there are hundreds of sticks in the Vic Firth catalog - each created to satisfy a musical need.

SD1 - L = 16 3/8" | Dia. = .635" Buy it now!
T1 - L = 14 1/2" | Head = 1 1/2" Buy it now!

1983 Signature Series

Vic Firth launches the Steve Gadd signature model and becomes the first company to produce signature drumsticks that reflect the true musical requirements of the artist. To this day, each model is conceived through extensive research with the world's top players.

SSG - L = 15 3/4" | Dia. = .550" Buy it now!

1994 Stone Grinding

Vic begins producing sticks in center-less stone grinders rather than traditional lathes. A first for the industry, stone grinding increases quality, consistency, and allows for more complex design elements such as unique tip shapes and tapers.

SKC - L = 16" | Dia. = .555" Buy it now!

2002 Injection Molded Nylon Tips

Vic solves the age old problem of nylon tips flying off by developing an injection molding system whereby the stick and the tip become one! For the first time in drumstick history, nylon tips mirror the shape and profile of their wood counterparts!

5AN - L = 16" | Dia. = .565" Buy it now!

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