Welcome to WebRhythms - The Easiest Method to Learning to Read Music!

WebRhythms is a series of short articles designed to teach rhythmic reading.Each article includes musical examples that help explain the conceptsand an exercise that tests your new reading skills. Along with the written materials, WebRhythms allows you to download and print a copy of each exercise and provides a computer-perfect MIDI performance at a number of different tempi. With all these materials, it's easy to be creative and challenge yourself while you learn or improve your reading ability.

If you're a novice at reading music, these articles will start you off by building a solid foundation. Those of you with strong reading skills can use these lessons to brush up and polish what you already know. The later lessons may even show you some new rhythmic ideas and procedures. Monster readers can take the Pro Challenge. Do you have what it takes to keep up?

I would like to thank the entire Vic Firth team for encouraging this project. And a special "thank you" to Mark Wessels for taking the materials and creating such an elegant site.

Have fun playing with WebRhythms!