Nicole Casino

Nicole Casino


Nicole Casino has grown up in the marching community and has made it her mission to keep innovating it. She has performed with a number of award-winning DCI and WGI ensembles, including Pulse Percussion (2011-2013), RCC (2014-2015), Bluecoats (2011), and the Blue Devils (2012-2013). She served as section leader for Pulse Percussion in 2013 and made history as the first female center snare for the Blue Devils that same year.

Nicole also works as a percussionist and performer for the Disneyland Resort and currently performs with the Disneyland Band. She holds a Master of Arts from Berklee College of Music in Music Business and Global Entertainment.

Alongside her dynamic performing career, Nicole found a passion for percussion education, teaching all levels of ensembles across the world. Most notably, she has worked with Chino Hills High School, Vista Murrieta High School, Broken City, Vessel, Blue Knights, and the Malmo Drum Corps of Malmo, Sweden.

Currently, Nicole is the Percussion Director at Arroyo High School, the snare tech at Vessel, and a consultant for ensembles around the globe. With a wide range of experiences and learning from a variety of different educators throughout her career, she has developed a unique style all her own and loves to inspire students to achieve success at any level.

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    It was our first lot of the 2013 Blue Devils season. I had been
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    My creativity often stems from exploring the combination of two, otherwise separate things. That could be different genres, different musical styles, or even different art forms. The excitement and lack of boundaries that come with innovating and creating something never been done before has always been the root of it.