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M278 - Corpsmaster® Keyboard/Iain Moyer -- Extremely Hard

M278 - Corpsmaster® Keyboard/Iain Moyer -- Extremely Hard

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An expansion of the popular Vic Firth Corpsmaster® Iain Moyer Signature Series.



The new M278 delivers a bit more articulation for the yarn-wound marimba part of the series, allowing ensembles to expand the color on the instrument within the same series of mallets. Great for the top 2/3 of the marimba, the M278 delivers needed clarity without sacrificing warmth.
  • A new addition to the popular Iain Moyer Signature Series
  • The hardest yarn-wound marimba mallet in the series
  • Adds articulation without sacrificing warmth of sound
  • Birch handle perfect for 4-mallet playing


  • Length: 17” | 43.18cm
    Family: Vic Firth Mallets
  • Mallet
  • Series: Iain Moyer

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