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M268 - Corpsmaster® Keyboard/Ian Grom-- Unwound Keyboard

M268 - Corpsmaster® Keyboard/Ian Grom-- Unwound Keyboard

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An expansion of the best-selling Vic Firth Corpsmaster® Ian Grom Signature Series, the M268 is a new concept for a front ensemble mallet, turning the top end of the marimba into a xylophone timbre without causing damage to the keys.



In ensembles without a dedicated xylophone player, this mallet allows the center marimba to transform their sound to add articulation to the orchestration without ever leaving their keyboard. Balanced in both sound and weight, this new addition to the series can also be utilized for 4 mallet phrases in the upper end of the keyboard.
  • A new addition to the ever-popular Ian Grom Signature Series
  • Perfect for adding articulation to the top of the marimba without damaging the bars
  • Balanced perfectly for 4-mallet phrases on xylophone
  • Also great for crotales, Chime scrapes, multi-percussion and more!
  • Birch handle for easy integration on the instrument


  • Length: 16.375” | 41.59cm
    Family: Vic Firth Mallets
  • Mallet
  • Series: Corpsmaster®

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