Intermediate Education Pack

Intermediate Education Pack

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A Vic Firth BSB stick bag equipped with an SD1, M3, M6 and T3.



A step up from the EP1, the EP2A includes all the high quality, essential tools the intermediate percussion student needs to be successful and grow as they develop as a player.
  • Pair of SD1 General Snare Drum Sticks
  • American Custom Keyboard M3 - Medium - Mallets feature a medium mushroom head for all-around playing on xylophone and marimba
  • American Custom Keyboard M6 - Hard Phenolic 1" ball for all-around playing on bells and xylophone
  • American Custom Timpani T3 - Staccato Mallet for timpani and suspended cymbal swells
  • Vic Firth Basic Stick Bag BSB

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