Andrés Márquez

Independent/Diamante Electrico

Rising from multicultural ancestry rooted in Haiti and Cuba, branching out the rich musical tradition of the Mexican Caribbean coastal Veracruz, sharpening his teeth in the streets of industrial hub city Monterrey, Márquez drumming has been revered in such eclectic circuits as vibraphone great Victor Mendoza's band, Javier Limon's Flamenco Soul to recently released Latin Grammy nominated album Estirpe by trumpet giant Pacho Flores for Deutsche Grammophon. Marquez drumming has also punctuated the Latin American music recording industry in albums like Tanda by Latin Grammy nominee Alex Ferreira, the grit-and-grind dark soul on Leche de Tigre by iconic Colombian rock band Diamante Eléctrico and acclaimed self-titled album by notorious producer Juan Pablo Vega. Marquez drumming has also spawned to Japanese music industry leader Pony Canyon with Now and Then by collaboration with Tiziano Bianchi & Tiger Okoshi and Agua de Jamaica by Sly5thave & Verastegui on England based label True Thoughts. Marquez currently holds the principal seat for the Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de México and leads his own brainchild, the afro latin jazz orchestra La Victoria del Tercer Mundo.