Brandon Faulkner

Brandon Faulkner

Starting out with moms pots and pans with some wooden spoons, Brandon began playing drums at a young age. With a radio DJ father, music was a constant; hearing everything from classic country, Motown, rock, blues, soul and R&B solidified his appreciation for groove and melody. Growing up in the age of music videos and MTV, Brandon self-taught much of his early skills by simply watching and imitating rock stars.

Brandon received formal education at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, where he studied under esteemed instructors and musical influences. His performance successes while drumming for Perris Records artist Mad Margritt include opening for Firehouse, Candlebox and Saliva. The band officially released their album Show No Mercy in July of 2013. With a small local classic country tribute band CONVOY, Brandon was part of the first band to ever play at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA. While playing with Appetite For Destruction, a nationally touring tribute band to Guns N Roses, Brandon began 2015 with shows at the House Of Blues in Houston and Dallas.

From 2016 to 2018, Brandon played with Joel Kosche, formerly of Collective Soul, including a charity birthday bash at the famous Daryls House in New York raising funds St. Judes Childrens Hospital.

With 20 years teaching under his belt, Brandon understands the value of continuing education, he currently receives instruction from famed jazz musician and historian Daniel Glass as he explores new musical interests. Even with his pursuit of new paths in the music industry, Brandon holds true to his one priority and joy of life, playing drums and motivating others. Teaching 25+ students a week Brandon utilizes his website to provide additional video tutorials to aid students when not in lessons. A reminder of what they should be working on and how they should look while playing. His methods are basic; in fact, they are the basics - Rudiments and reading music, proper posture, frame and technique focusing on the motion of your hands, wrists, arms and feet.

Brandon currently plays with Nashville recording, Emanant Music/Sony artist Angie Lynn Carter and spends his spare time working on independent music projects or working in his studio recording tracks for fellow musicians. He is a private music instructor, clinician and session drummer, Brandon is endorsed by Vic Firth and Remo; plays Gretsch drums, Sabian cymbals, DW pedals and hardware.