Chris Lesso

Solo Artist

Chris Lesso is an expert at optimizing the power of drumming to elevate focus, confidence, and self expression. LTR (Life Through Rhythm) is an attitude and way of life, and it leverages drumming as a force to help you reach your fullest potential and live the art of possibility every day.

Chris began his journey early, drumming and playing piano at the age of 7 – and he’s never looked back. He has studied with world-renowned educators including Dom Famularo and Jim Blackley to name a few, and has traveled the world performing with some of the best in the business, while also leading his own band modus factor. Having studied all over the world with a ‘boots on the ground’ approach and seeking out the very best to learn from, Chris now distills years of learning to serve you on your quest to become your best self through drumming.


IN 3

  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    On one show during a cross Europe tour, everything started out wrong. Delayed flights and van hold ups. Barely any time to eat a couple quick bites before a rushed soundcheck on the way to hit the stage. But wouldn't you know it, this was one of the best shows of the tour! Counterintuitively, when the stakes are high and we must deliver, these can become our shining moments. Playing the Sonor Drumfest was another surreal experience where I got to drum for my peers and mentors, coming full circle in my drumming journey, so far.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    I use drumming as a tool for bold self expression, to push the boundaries of my potential. Living on the razor's edge of what's possible to explore something that's never been done fuels my creativity and inspires me to play at a new level every time!
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    Vic Firth sticks, like the man himself with the vision that started it all, stands for excellence. Striving for the best in the tools we choose means we can stay excited and passionate about every note we play, and Vic Firth embodies this!


Solo Artist