David 'Bro' Lauser

David 'Bro' Lauser

Greg Kihn, Alliance, Sammy Hagar

Like many drummers, I started playing drums before I actually had drums. I got my first kit on my 15th birthday and was already in a band (of sorts) with friends using buckets and pots & pans... about 3 months after getting the kit, my band, "Youngblood" performed at my junior high assembly. A couple years later, I met an unknown Sammy Hagar. Sammy actually auditioned for the 2nd band I had joined, "The Mobile Home Blues Band." From that initial meeting, we've been friends and gigging off and on since¦are you ready¦1968! Over the years, along with Sammy, I've had the honor of playing and recording with many great artists, e.g. Chuck Berry, Eddie Van Halen, Billy Sheehan, Bootsy Collins, Michael Anthony, Greg Kihn, Roy Rogers, Ted Nugent and any more. I've been with Vic Firth for over 20 and love their product!

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    Oddly enough, one of my most challenging musical situations was when Robert Berry (Emerson, Palmer & Berry) asked me to sub for his Xmas Rock band, "December People." It didn't seem like it would be all the difficult until I dug into the material. Almost all the arrangements were medleys of songs from over 15 big name rock bands, ranging from Rush to ZZ Top. It's a bit tricky to explain, but imagine Rush playing "Deck The Halls" to a medley of 3 or 4 of their most involved tunes...I consider myself to be a more "meat & potatoes" drummer, not by any means "progressive"...needless to say, that gig really stretched me out! :->
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    Aside from performing live, I really enjoy the recording process and recently have gotten more into song writing and producing with my band, "Alliance."
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    Over the years, I've used many other company's 5B drumsticks. That said, I've never found a stick as consistent, balanced and solid as their 5B Wood Tips.