Ignacio Svachka

Ignacio Svachka


IGNACIO SVACHKA graduated from the Provincial Conservatory of Music of Baha­a Blanca, Argentina as Superior Instrumentalist in Symphonic Percussion. He has played in different orchestras during the last 15 years. Among them: Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Baha­a Blanca, Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Rosario, Stable Orchestra of the Colon Theater, Juventus Lirica, and Buenos Aires Lirica among others.

He has developed a long career in the premiere and dissemination of Contemporary music by different national and foreign composers, offering concerts, clinics, and recordings in solo and ensemble format.

He has a long history in Musical Comedies, developed in the most important theaters of the city of Buenos Aires, such as Teatro Colon, Broadway, Opera, Metropilitan, Lola Membrives, Nacional, Luna Park, Movistar Arena, Coliseo, under the baton and directed by Alberto Favero, Gerardo Gardelin, Mata­as Chapiro, and Tomas Mayer among others.

In this way, he has also integrated different groups and orchestras, accompanying as transferor great artists of academic and popular music, national and foreign, such as Josa Carreras, Lila Downs, Luis Fonsi, Ismael Serrano, Abel Pintos, DJ Hernan Cattaneo Luciano Pereyra, Vanesa Martin, Kany Garca­a, Geronimo Rauch, and La Trova Rosarina among others.

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    The shows I did with DJ Hernan Cattaneo at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires. First concert of electronic music in Argentina. Doing Symphonic Percussion there was incredible and wonderful.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    On the one hand, the power to premiere and record contemporary music works. And on the other hand, playing as a sectionist with great national and international artists. And always listen to a lot of music and variety.
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    I think my Vic Firth M25 Gary Burton mallets are my favorites. First for being the model of my great mentor and admired musician, and because they are very versatile, with a fair weight, ideal rattan and immersive sound.