Iúri Oliveira

Independent | Criatura | Eduardo Cardinho | Nancy Vieira

Eclectic, authentic and dedicated, are some of the characteristics of Portuguese multi-percussionist Iúri Oliveira, one of the most creative and expressive on the scene today.

From Fado and World Music to Latin Jazz and Fusion, he stands out for his innovative approach and distinct sound, both of which have led to invitations to collaborate with artists and producers of the most diverse musical styles, as well as film directors for soundtracks.

Whether as a sideman or session musician, as a composer or just a sound designer, his musical universe has allowed him to work with numerous references, like Cinematic Orchestra, Ana Moura, Criatura, Branko, Dino D´Santiago, Sara Tavares, Agir, Lura, D.A.M.A, Loosense, among others, and be on numerous stages around the world, from the emblematic national venues to the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas where he performed with Madonna at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

His passion for rhythm since he was a child made percussion earn a place in his heart, but it was in England, at The Rhythm Studio (London School of Popular Music), and in Holland, at Drumdrumdrum, that he deepened his knowledge of the instrument and its different approaches. To the language he absorbed from mentors such as Giovanni Hidalgo, Marcelo Wolosky or Jarrod Cagwin, he adds his inspiration and creates unique atmospheres and intentions for each musical concept proposed to him.

He recently launched himself as a composer with the originals “Casa” with the participation of Edu Mundo, “Habitat” in partnership with Manuel Rocha and the soundtrack of the film “JOÃO AYRES - Pintor Independente” with which he won the prize for best original composition at the Paris Film Awards.At the service of music, he has traced a vibrant path, full of colors and textures:“To serve music as a whole, in each timbre and sound, to express and reflect all my emotions.

My greatest legacy will be inspiring someone to embrace music as someone once inspired me.


Independent | Criatura | Eduardo Cardinho | Nancy Vieira